SolarWinds Real-Time Network Bandwidth Monitor

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SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Monitor

A network traffic monitor is a software or hardware tool used to monitor and analyze the network traffic in a computer network. The main purpose of network traffic monitoring is to detect and diagnose network performance issues, security threats, and network congestion.

With network traffic monitoring, administrators can observe the flow of data between devices on the network, including the volume, type, and destination of the traffic. This information can be used to optimize network performance, identify potential security threats, and monitor compliance with network usage policies.

There are many network traffic monitoring tools available, including both open-source and commercial solutions. Some of the most popular network traffic monitoring tools include Wireshark, Nagios, PRTG Network Monitor, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, and others. These tools can be installed on a network device or computer and can be configured to monitor the network traffic in real-time or store it for later analysis.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor vs Bandwidth Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that provides visibility into both performance and bandwidth utilization in a computer network.

Network performance monitoring is concerned with monitoring various metrics related to the performance of a network, including availability, latency, jitter, and others. SolarWinds NPM provides real-time monitoring of network performance metrics, and administrators can use the solution to quickly identify and resolve performance issues that impact network availability and responsiveness.

Bandwidth monitoring, on the other hand, is concerned with monitoring the utilization of the network’s bandwidth. SolarWinds NPM provides real-time monitoring of bandwidth utilization, allowing administrators to quickly identify and resolve bandwidth bottlenecks that impact network performance.

In summary, SolarWinds NPM provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring both network performance and bandwidth utilization, giving network administrators a complete picture of network health and allowing them to quickly resolve any issues that impact network performance

SolarWind Network Montior

solarwind bandwidth monitor
solarwind bandwidth monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that provides real-time visibility into network performance, including bandwidth utilization. Some of the key features of SolarWinds NPM for monitoring network bandwidth are:

Real-time bandwidth monitoring: SolarWinds NPM provides real-time monitoring of bandwidth utilization across the entire network. This allows administrators to quickly identify bandwidth bottlenecks and address them before they impact network performance.

Customizable dashboard: The SolarWinds NPM dashboard provides a customizable view of network performance, including bandwidth utilization. Administrators can create custom views that highlight the most important metrics for their network, such as top talkers, top protocols, and more.

Alerts and notifications: SolarWinds NPM provides real-time alerts and notifications for bandwidth utilization. Administrators can configure alerts for specific threshold levels and receive notifications via email, SMS, or other methods.

Traffic analysis: SolarWinds NPM provides detailed traffic analysis, including the ability to drill down into specific devices and interfaces to identify the sources of bandwidth utilization.

Capacity planning: SolarWinds NPM provides the ability to forecast future bandwidth utilization based on current trends, making it easier to plan for future network growth.

Solarwinds Network Bandwidth Monitor
Solarwinds Network Bandwidth Monitor

NetFlow and sFlow support: SolarWinds NPM supports both NetFlow and sFlow protocols, allowing administrators to collect and analyze network flow data to gain insight into bandwidth utilization and network performance.

Customizable reports: SolarWinds NPM provides customizable reports that can be used to provide a historical view of network performance, including bandwidth utilization. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats, including PDF, CSV, and others.

In conclusion, SolarWinds NPM provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring network bandwidth utilization, with real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards, alerts and notifications, traffic analysis, capacity planning, and customizable reports. This makes it a valuable tool for network administrators looking to optimize network performance and ensure the availability and reliability of their networks