How to Fix Roblox Error Code 517 (Join Error)?

If you have ever played Roblox then you have probably experienced the error code 517 for sure. If not many times, then you have experienced it for one time. While playing Roblox, “The game is currently not available, try again later? (Error Code: 517)” or “This game has ended (Error Code: 517)” normally appears.

Reasons for Error 517


Normally the error appears when you join a game or you are playing the game and suddenly experience the problem. Users have also experienced the issue when they have used their accounts on new devices. Here are the reasons why the error appears on your screen.

1- Corrupt Files

One of the most basic and probably unknown for many reasons is a corrupt file. Here corrupt files don’t mean, corrupt files of Roblox. Instead, it means there are corrupt files in the script of the game provided by the admin.

2- Deleted game

Another reason can be that the game’s admin has deleted or registered the game for being deleted. Whenever you are trying to access the game, you can’t. Since there is no game to be played.

3- Kicked out

There is a possibility that you have been kicked out of the game. No matter, why you have been kicked out, there is a chance that you can enter as a punishment.

4- Mid Game

If you have shut down the game instantly or have turned off, your phone (if you are on mobile devices) then you might have corrupted your account’s data or the game’s script which can stop you from the game’s access.

5- Slow Server

There is a possibility that the server you are using is slow and you can reach the game. Or there are too many users on the server and there is no room for you.

6- Bugs

If you are using an earlier version of Roblox then you are probably out of date.

7- Slow Internet connection

One of the reasons behind the error can be the slow internet connection that you are using.

How to Fix Roblox “Error Code: 517”?


    Here are some of the best and most logical ways to fix the error. Unlike some videos on YouTube, they are applicable and you won’t be penalized for using the methods.

    Using Windows version

    Roblox is developed for the newer version of Windows OS that includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. However, if you are using Windows XP or Vista then you will probably experience the error. Try to upgrade to Windows 7 at least.

    We have also seen, where you are asked to use Windows Troubleshooter to fix the problem. Since we all know, how efficient Windows Troubleshooter is; let’s don’t waste our time on it.

    Mobile Update

    Roblox on Mobile
    Roblox on Mobile

    If you are using it on your mobile phone and notifications for the update are promoted, then this is the time to update the application. If updating doesn’t fix the error, then try to use another ID or log out and then in again.

    If none of them work, try to check on another device, Maybe your device is not compatible with the game.

    Clear Browser

    Clearing history or cache from your browser is another way to clear bugs. Go to your browser’s Settings > Options > Advanced and there you will navigate and find the Reset and Cleanup button. Click on it and a prompt will appear, then you will click on Reset settings.

    The browser’s data will be cleaned and you can enjoy your game now.

    Disable AdBlocker

    If you are using AdBlocker on your system, then you will need to disable it. As it can be a reason why you are experiencing the error.

    Login to your account

    It doesn’t matter which platform you are using. It can be either a mobile phone, tablet/iPad, or computer. Trying logging out and then logging in is the easiest way to fix the error.

    Check for the game

    As we mentioned before, there is a chance that your game is deleted by the admin. Before trying again to play the game, make sure the game is available and is not deleted by its admin.

    Server check

    Checking the server is another way to fix the error. There are hours when there are too many users and there is no room left for you. For such occasions, you will need to wait for a while and check again later. If there is no room, then you will need to change the server, maybe the server is not available in your region.

    Bugs and Errors

    Maybe in the new update, there are new bugs with the new features too. For such occasions, you can’t do anything. You will need to be patient and wait till the officials provide you with a new update to fix the problem.


    If none of the methods above has fixed your problem, then you will need to probably reinstall your Roblox game. This way you will delete corrupt files and will have the latest version of Roblox. Uninstall and then install the Roblox app and enjoy your game.

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