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stumble guys apk

Stumble Guys: A multiplayer party game where you race through crazy obstacle courses with up to 32 players. Be the last one standing or finish first to win! So, download the Stumble Guys APK file from the direct link.

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer party game developed by Kitka Games. It's available on various platforms, including mobile devices and PC. In the game, players control customizable characters who must navigate through obstacle courses filled with challenges, traps, and other players.

Stumble Guys offers a massively multiplayer party experience, accommodating up to 32 online players. The goal is to be the last one standing or to complete the course as quickly as possible, depending on the game mode.

Stumble Guys features a colorful and cartoonish art style, and it's often compared to games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout due to its similar gameplay mechanics and the chaotic nature of the challenges.

Players can compete against each other in online multiplayer matches and engage in a variety of fun and competitive mini-games within the larger obstacle courses.

The game has gained popularity for its entertaining and lighthearted gameplay, making it a favorite among gamers looking for a casual and enjoyable multiplayer experience.

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  • Social and Multiplayer Interaction
  • Massively Multiplayer Chaos
  • Engaging Mini-Games and Rounds

How to install Stumble Guys with APK file on Android?

To install Stumble Guys using APK file on Android:

1. Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Settings > Security/Privacy > Unknown Sources, and enable it.

2. Download the Stumble Guy APK File

Now you will use the link above to download the Stumble Guys APK file.

3. Install the APK

 Open the file and tap Install.

4. Permissions and Installation

Confirm permissions and wait for the installation to finish.

5. Launch the Game

Find the Stumble Guys icon on your device and tap it to play.

Remember to disable Unknown Sources after installation for security.

Features of Stumble Guys

1. Massively Multiplayer Chaos

Stumble Guys is designed for multiplayer mayhem, accommodating up to 32 players in each online match. This feature creates a frenzied and highly competitive gaming environment where you'll be pitted against a large group of players from around the world.

The game's chaotic nature is amplified as you navigate obstacle courses together, leading to unpredictable outcomes and hilarious moments.

2. Ridiculous Challenges and Obstacles

The game offers a wide variety of whimsical challenges and bizarre obstacles that players must overcome. These obstacles range from swinging hammers and rolling boulders to moving platforms and spinning blades.

Each level presents a unique set of challenges, ensuring that gameplay remains fresh and entertaining. The combination of these obstacles and the large player count results in a fast-paced and unpredictable gaming experience.

3. Endless Running Fun

Stumble Guys encourages players to keep going no matter how many times they stumble or fall during a match. This "never give up" approach adds to the fun and competitiveness of the game. If you're knocked down or make a mistake, you can quickly get back on your feet and continue racing toward the finish line. This feature makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels, as it's not just about avoiding obstacles but also about resilience and determination.

4. Customization and Character Personalization

Stumble Guys offers a range of customization options for your in-game character. Players can personalize their characters with various costumes, accessories, and skins.

This feature allows you to create a unique and distinct look for your character, making it stand out among the crowd of stumbling competitors. Customization adds a fun and personalized element to the game, letting players express their individual style.

5. Engaging Mini-Games and Rounds

Within each match of Stumble Guys, players encounter a series of mini-games and rounds, each with its own set of challenges and objectives. These mini-games often require different skills and strategies, such as racing to the finish line, team-based competitions, or avoiding hazards. The variety of mini-games keeps the gameplay fresh and ensures that no two matches are the same.

6. Social and Multiplayer Interaction

Stumble Guys encourages social interaction and multiplayer engagement. Players can invite friends to join their matches, creating a more enjoyable and competitive experience when competing against people they know. Additionally, the game often includes voice chat or text chat options, allowing players to communicate and strategize with their teammates or taunt their opponents. This social aspect adds depth to the multiplayer experience and fosters a sense of camaraderie and rivalry among players.

These features contribute to the overall appeal of Stumble Guys, making it a well-rounded and engaging multiplayer party game with elements of customization, variety, and social interaction.

Stumble Guys App 0.40 Latest Update

- New skins

- New footsteps & emotes

- Bug fixes & small improvements

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